Clone Wars Rollout

I'm up for Clone Wars, the new Star Wars movie that is totally animated. The character design looks good so far. Dooku looks meaner and scarier in CG than he did in live action.

Not only does CG Dooku look better than live action Dooku (no disrespect to Saruman The White, may he rot in hell), but CG Dooku is scoring some wild dark side nookie, befitting his status as a Sith Count. The fiercest CG art design goes to Dooku's main assassin, Asajj Ventress. That's Ventress, as in female for one who vents. I like her long turtleneck.
On the downside, CG Anakin looks like Dudley Do-Right. What's with the lantern jaw?

(Note: The guy is the black top hat is 'Snidley Wiplash', one of the best old corny cartoon villains. You can see from the drawing style, 'Dudley Do-Right' is by the great Jay Ward, creator of Rocky & Bullwinkle and George of the Jungle cartoons, some of the smartest cartoon work ever.)
It's not hard to make a CG Anakin Skywalker that looks like Hayden Christiansen, so the art designers consciously avoided too close a resemblance. Legally, maybe they'd have to pay Christiansen to use a CG look-alike in Clone Wars? I don't know.

Moving on, there is Clone Commander Rex, who's assigned to tame the Outer Rim. Good luck with that.

Clone Commander Rex, like all of the Imperial Army, is based on the DNA of Jango Fett. Again, the CG Clones look cooler than the live action Clones.

Anakin has a Padawan who looks okay--Ashoka Tano. She wears cool symetric warpaint and has big anime acqua eyes. I don't know what that thing is on her head, whether it's a headress or part of her alien anatomy.

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media boy said...

seems like this theme has been a bit worn out, but Clone Wars looks fun to watch nonetheless